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There are many reasons to choose G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. for your residential home build project, but here are the ones we think set us apart from our competition:

  • Knowledge and experience
    • Our in-depth and diverse experience simply surpasses the experience of our competitors. Experience has taught us a lot about design, good construction practices and proper planning. Experience has also taught us we may not always immediately have the answers to those unforeseen issues that sometimes crop up, but we do have a large, established pool of resources we can draw from to help us find the best solution.

  • Clear understanding of client needs
    • While we are here to help educate and make recommendations, our primary objective is to understand your needs and wants. Our experience as both an owner/developer and a third-party contractor has enabled us to see things from more than one point of view. Removing our hardhat to hear your considerations and concerns comes easily -- because we’ve been in your shoes. We get that it’s not about us and think you will find in your dealings with us that professionalism always prevails.
  • Organization and planning
    • Prior to starting any project, we create a specific plan for it. This includes getting design and other team members in place, selecting the best contractors for the required tasks, and putting together a detailed budget and schedule. This thorough, up-front approach helps ensure things run smoothly and finish in a timely fashion.
  • Execution and delivery
    • Coming through for you at these points in the project really comes down to consistent quality management of all parties involved. During the construction process we monitor and coordinate on a daily basis with our clients, designers, contractors and suppliers to ensure things are staying on track and within budget. We monitor progress using daily walkthroughs of the project, and update the budget and schedule as needed. Perhaps the most important aspect of all this is our focus on the finer points. Even with sound initial design and impeccable planning, we believe it’s our attention to details throughout the process that makes a good job great.
  • Quality
    • No matter the scope of the project, budget or size, your 100% satisfaction comes first. Prior to our subcontractors receiving final payment, they are required to sign a warranty form saying their work meets or exceeds the industry’s standard. We have yet to have a major warranty issue and attribute this to our continual and intentional oversight of all aspects of a project.

What does Design Build mean?

  • Design Build simply means everything from conception to completion is managed by a single lead party. New construction and remodels can be very time consuming and sometimes feel overwhelming to someone unfamiliar with the day-to-day of the industry. G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. oversight of all project phases and team members relieves you from having to keep up with and coordinate the various individual entities involved.

What are the advantages of Design Build?

  • Taking the Design Build approach to your project results in one point of contact -- and accountability. It also reduces design and construction duration and costs, and creates a seamless process. Additionally, if you come to us with designs in hand, know that we are just as eager to help bring your project to life as if we’d done them ourselves. We have great working relationships with many area architects and look forward to working with yours too.

How does the Design Build process work?

  • Keeping in mind, no two projects are ever the same, it still helps to know a little about what to expect during the home building/remodeling process – especially if this is your first time.
    • Schedule initial meeting with you to discuss needs and expectations
    • Develop/establish best design team to achieve your goals
    • Create design drawings; set construction budget and schedule
    • Begin construction
    • Meet regularly on location for progress updates
    • Complete project
    • Ensure 100% satisfaction
      • Once the work is substantially complete, we walk the job with you making sure every detail meets your expectations. To offer additional assurance in our quality, we also leave you with a written warranty that meets or exceeds the industry standard.

What if I already have an architect selected?

  • G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. can provide any sort of service as it relates to the planning or implementation of a design or construction project. Many of our clients have already selected an architect. We have a deep appreciation for and understanding of architecture and are happy to work with any architect.

Why hire a general contractor?

  • A quality general contractor helps eliminate many of the hassles typically associated with design build projects by:
  • Managing multiple sub contractors
  • Acquiring materials
  • Dealing with permits and inspections
  • Deciding on the best construction method(s)
  • Scheduling work
  • General contractors also know how and where to save money. Having this kind of invaluable insider insight means your project will be completed at a lower bottom line cost with higher quality results.

What if I am interested in sustainable or Green construction?

  • G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. is familiar with most green programs and practices.

What do G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. general contracting services cost?

  • Every company is different, but for construction/general contracting services, G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. generally charges a fixed cost or a fee percentage (what we call “cost plus”) of the actual work. In return, we pass on our contractor pricing to you, saving you an average of 8-15% in material and labor costs.

What do you charge for an initial consultation or estimate?

  • Our basic initial consultation or cost estimates are provided for free (at no cost).

How do you charge for your services?

  • Given that we provide such a wide array of services, we can price our services by a fixed rate (or fixed cost), hourly rate, weekly rate, by the square foot of a construction project, or a percentage of the cost of construction or value of the services.

What is cost plus?

  • Cost plus is as simple as it sounds. On larger or more involved projects, we can offer a cost plus estimate which means you pay one set price for the services plus a fee to G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. as the general contractor. Our fees are generally based on the scope of a project, project cost and estimated duration.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of “cost plus”?

  • We feel that a cost plus contract is a good way to go for most mid- to large-sized projects or projects that are on a fast track for completion. With a cost plus estimate, everything is 100% transparent. You have full access to our documents, construction costs, accounting, etc. This allows you to participate in the management of where and when you spend your money. Word of caution: many contractors may tell you their bids are cost plus when in fact they are not. You may be getting instead a cost breakdown of the work with the GC’s fee broken out as a percentage. If the original costs are overestimated and/or certain items come in at a lower price, you may not realize any of those savings. If cost plus is what you’re looking for, be sure that is what you are getting.

How do I compare multiple quotes and pricing?

  • Comparing multiple bids can be a daunting task. The key points are to make sure each contractor has the same set of drawings and instruction and that they break out their estimates in enough detail to make an accurate comparison.

  • While this sounds easy in theory it is not always that easy in practice. It usually takes several revised bid requests and clarifications to get apples to apples. Many times contractors use a format they are comfortable with, which may not give you as the owner enough information to compare it to another bid. Or sometimes contractors may have reservations about providing additional details.

  • Additional things to look for:
    • Do the bids you’re comparing have the same quantities?
    • Are they specifying the exact same products?
    • Is one less/more expensive than another ?
    • Are taxes figured into the bid?

Whether you’re considering using our services or not, we’re happy to help you with this process.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

  • No matter the scope of the project, budget or size, your 100% satisfaction comes first. Prior to our subcontractors receiving final payment, they are required to sign a warranty form saying their work meets or exceeds the industry’s standard. We have yet to have a major warranty issue and attribute this to our continual and intentional oversight of all aspects of a project.

Are you insured and bonded?

  • We are fully insured, and bonding is handled on a project-by-project basis.

Do you have references?

  • Yes. References are available on request.

What if my question is not here?

  • Please submit your question through our Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you with an answer quickly.