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Professional Construction Services saves you time, money and trouble. 
What can G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. do for you? 
G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. provides a very effective construction development program for sites across America. We provide your company with the confidence and security knowing that you are in control of your costs, your margins and your future. If being in control of your construction costs is an important goal for your company, our sales development consultants can help! 
Our comprehensive proven program will help you control your exposure and construction costs. We will accomplish this goal together by becoming your construction management leader in your local market and national markets. 

  • Take control of your construction projects 
  • Reign in your costs 
  • One call does it all 
  • Nationwide service 
  • Time saving – we do all the work for you 
  • You get the best pricing and most qualified subcontractors 
  • On staff professional architects and engineers save you time and trouble – no shopping 
  • Cost plus fixed fee – fixed overhead costs 
  • Constant on-site expert professional supervision 
  • Cost Savings-workers comp, liability, etc. 
  • Time Savings- Let professionals do the work for you
  • Fixed overhead costs 
  • Eliminates shopping for contractor and architect or work with your architect 
  • No more guessing if you are getting a fair construction quote 
  • Constant expert supervision 
  • All services provided by G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. 
  • Experienced project management teams help avoid potential problems before they occur 
  • Quickest way to start a project 
  • Largest cost savings offered industry wide 
  • Design build efficient 
  • Complete transparency – You see all the bids, no doubts where the money is going. 
  • Cost plus 
  • You see all of the bids 
  • We run all work from start to finish 
  • We are there for you 24/7/365 in all of your locations 
  • Telecommunication experts and consultant in all levels 
  • Telecommunication expert supervision 

In closing, to give further understanding G.E. Construction Contractors, Inc. will gather all of the sub bids, run the work, coordinate billing and payments, work with architects and ensure the quality delivery of your new construction project for cost plus the fee. We will acquire multiple bids from each trade with our large database of vendors. You will view all documents in a open presentation to ensure pricing is effective.